Accessories for Pressure Instruments
Accessories For Pressure Instruments are highly efficient and made from best grade stainless steel and copper metal. These are used for making the pressure instruments effective and ensuring that there are no leakages. They are also eminent in keeping the liquid flow constant.
Differential Pressure Switches
Differential Pressure Switches are designed for activating an electric switch at pre-set actuation point. These are highly efficient and providing accurate measurement. The said devices are known for their modular design and simple operations. They have a sturdy construction and anti-corrosive nature.
Differential Pressure Transmitters
Differential Pressure Transmitters are used for sensing the difference between two ports as well as producing an output signal. These are easy to operate, highly efficient, reliable and compact in size. These are durable, highly accurate and simple to operate.
Compound range Pressure Switches
Compound Range Pressure Switches are appreciated for their secure wiring associations, safe and simple operations. These are known for their excellent performance, accuracy, rugged construction and simple usage. The said devices are capable for measuring both negative and positive pressure.
Vacuum Switch
Vacuum Switch is crafted for monitoring vacuum status as well as open or close a connection. It is highly in demand for its longer service life, tough strength, rigidity etc. This product is designed for regulating the flow.
Temperature Switches
Temperature Switches are designed for detecting gas, liquid and gases. These are used for measuring the temperature which is given by the coolant or thermostat. Our devices have smooth functioning, reliability, high strength and longer service life.
Temperature Transmitters
Temperature Transmitters are connected to a temperature sensor for transmitting the signal for control as well as monitoring purpose. These are acknowledged for their various attributes such as excellent service, reliability, high strength, simple operations and smooth functioning.
Mechanical Flow Gauges
Our company offers high precision Mechanical Flow Gauges which is widely used in various industrial grade hydraulic systems for the measurement of the liquid flow through the system. The external casing of these instruments is made up of stainless steel which offers high tensile strength.
Flow Sensors
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of highly active and precisely calibrated Flow Sensors that are equipped with premium class electronic sensory elements to get highly accurate results in terms of the speed and the volume of the liquid flowing through the systems.